1. Way of order:
  • Fill the details about the periodical you are interested in our web page and leave your personal details so we will be able to contact you and inform you about the conditions for completing your order.

  • Mail us your order on address:
    Oborishte Str. 52 113
    Sofia 1505

  • Send your order by the e-mail: î

  • Send your order by fax at fax number: 00359 2 843 85 40

  • Call us on phone number: 00359 2 843 52 80

  • Come personally to our office on address:


    Oborishte Str. 52, Sofia 1505
    Working hours: workdays from 08.30 until 17.00

  • Please include in your order data also:

  • Personal and family name

  • Payment and delivery details

  • Phone number or fax

2. Delivery conditions:
    When starting a new subscription: the delivery depends on order date:

  • delivery from Europe: the subscription starts in 45 days

  • delivery from USA, Canada, North and South America, Australia: subscription stars in 60 days.

  • Online access to the web based versions of the periodicals: immediately after the payment is arranged.

  • Delivery of already started subscription:

    for monthly issues:

  • Europe – 1 to 2 weeks from date of publication

  • America – 6 to 8 weeks from date of publication

  • for weekly issues:

  • in 1 week from date of publication

  • Delivery to the customer:

  • on address given by you when ordered;

  • by a courier to an address given by you;

  • you may also take your periodical personally from our office

3. Price:

  • The subscription price is determined by the publisher or an authorized representative and deliverer of the certain periodical.

  • The service price our agency charges is 3% of the total value of subscription. All expenses over payment are on customer’s account.
4. Way of payment:
    It is determined by the customer’s desire:

  • You may receive an invoice sent by mail and the invoice should be paid in 3 days after its original date.

  • You may pay in cash

  • You may pay by credit card

  • *All orders should be paid in advance.

    Bank transfer details:

    First Investment Bank
    10 "Stefan Karadja" str.
    bank code: FINVBGSF
    bank account: IBAN - BG25 FINV 9150 10BG N00W S0
    VAT acc: IBAN - BG88 FINV 9150 90BG N01A JM

    In case you need more detailed information, please contact us on or call on phone numbers: 00359 2 843 52 80; 00359 2 843 85 40